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Insight Report - Douyin Data Report

As of August 2020, Douyin has 600 million daily active users, and from December, the average number of daily video searches exceeded 400 million. According to the "2020 Douyin year-end Data Report", 42,779 merchants sold over 4.1 billion yuan worth of goods on the platform in the past year and more than 5,000 craftsmen sell their works on Douyin each day.

Statistics have shown that 8.00 pm – 9.00 pm on Sundays is a peak for user-generated videos and key category of interest varies from users of different age groups:

  • Post-2000 - anime

  • Post-90s - babies and current affairs

  • Post-80s - nature and outdoors

  • Post-70s - food and weddings

  • Post-60s - dance and babies

Usage of emojis was higher by the post-70 generation compared to the post-00, the ’90s and ’80s combined. ‘Thumbs up’ emoji was most popular.

On National Day, the average daily check-in on Douyin at national attractions was over 10 times more than during the Spring Festival. Wuhan was the city with the highest number with over 8.3 billion. Beijing and Chengdu ranked second and third respectively. In the past year, previously unknown attractions attracted more visitors due to Douyin.

The 10 cities with the most visitors in the country, included those from the poorer regions – Jinzhai and Huoqiu Counties in Anhui, Xinhua County in Hunan and Southern Sichuan County which lifted them out of poverty this year.

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