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Angela Zhang’s first Douyin commercial Live-Streaming

Our partner Octoplus media recently completed Angela Zhang’s first-ever live-streaming event and it has been a huge success. We were able to hit multiple milestones during the event. Our team has worked hard together and we were able to create a wonderful story together from the start to the end.

The live-streaming event started at 7 pm (GMT+8) on 12th September and ended at 12:16 am the next day. We achieved a total amount of 12,153,158 of viewers throughout the entire event, with the peak concurrent users of 240,126.

There were total numbers of 48 products on the shelf during the events and we managed to achieve a total of 62,883 sales with total revenue of 10,955,194 yuan.

Angela Zhang was the spotlight throughout the whole event. She started the live-stream event with a total number of 6,862,285 fans on her Douyin account and ended up with 7,364,786 fans, with the growth of total amount 502,501 on her followers.

Throughout the event, Angela Zhang also received total numbers of 738,720 sound waves (also known as Yinlang, reward income received by the host). Based on the conversion ratio, which currently is 1 yuan equal to 10 Yinlang, Angela received a total amount of 73,872 yuan as her reward income.

Event by the numbers:

1. The most sales that were made was between the time of 8:35 pm and 8:54 pm.

2. Majority of the audiences were male at 58% while female audiences are 42%.

3. The age group of 25 to 30 years made up the majority at 39%; whereas audiences between the age group of 36 to 40 years old and above were the smallest group of audiences at just 8%.

What's Next?

After this huge success, we are planning for multiple other celebrities live streaming event on Douyin. We are also building custom Douyin mini-programs for event partners and brands to take advantage of direct e-commerce within Douyin.

If you are interested to learn more, reach out to us. Contact us!

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