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Mobilizing the Power of Digital Marketing in China’s unique business, media and consumer culture.

We Integrate with Data

Monetise, optimise and analyse digital buys in one platform

China Trading Desk manages data-driven digital ad campaigns, with real-time data mining technology. We empower clients with advanced analytics, data modelling & machine-learning based optimisation to achieve higher efficiency and maximise results. We create personalised ad experiences across display, native, audio, video and social platforms across PCs, mobile devices and TVs in China’s intense online marketing space.

We Integrate with Media

Better efficiencies  and transparency

China’s Market is fundamentally different, it has channel-straddling media giants. These include, most notably, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance (BATB). We provide fully transparent access to major exchanges & inventories across China.  We employ a marketing automation system that connects siloed data together across all digital touch points with full transparency. Almost all media activity in China is consolidated on mobile devices, with consumers spending, on average, seven hours a day looking at their phones— We create a single brand experience that cuts across platforms in China.

We Integrate with  People

We create engaging digital experiences
Get an integrated view of consumers lives across all channels - a holistic understanding of a particular consumer and his or her entertainment, gaming, banking, shopping, social media, news etc approaches and create personalised engaging experiences for them. We build advanced analytics (powered by Miaozhen) into every campaign by default so that you can understand your consumers' behaviour better.

Our Clients

We are a digital marketing technology company focused on helping global businesses reach  Chinese consumers.

Client Testimonials

“China Trading Desk has been a Citron Violet partner for several years. Subbu, Adrian and the team have always been willing to go the extra mile to help us win and retain clients in both China and SEA. They understand their products inside out and they take the time to make sure we’re getting exactly what we need."

Tammy Learn 

Chief Executive Officer

Citron Violet Media

“We have been working with the team for over a year now and I must say we have had exceptional service from them. They have helped us demystify China market, getting access to media and running effective campaigns have become the norm. China is a difficult yet very important market for our Clients and with this partnership, we have managed to iron out all difficulties for our client and are able to help them reach out to their audience like never before"

Rohit Singh

Managing Director 

Skyscale Media Services

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