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We Integrate with Media

Better efficiencies  and transparency

China’s Market is fundamentally different, it has channel-straddling media giants. These include, most notably, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance (BATB). We provide fully transparent access to major exchanges & inventories across China.  We employ a marketing automation system that connects siloed data together across all digital touch points with full transparency. Almost all media activity in China is consolidated on mobile devices, with consumers spending, on average, seven hours a day looking at their phones— We create a single brand experience that cuts across platforms in China

Integrating with the right media for the right audience via programmatic and non-programmatic channels:


Premium Direct Buy

Seamless access to any publisher in China, providing one stop solution to all your media needs.


Programmatic Premium

Connecting with your target audience identified with pre-trip smart data on CTD’s  large amount of overseas mobile traffic.


Programmatic Social

Leverage widely popular social apps to engage target audience and influence their shopping decision.

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