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We Integrate with Data 

China Trading Desk manages data-driven digital ad campaigns, with real-time data mining technology. 


We empower clients with advanced analytics, data modelling & machine-learning based optimisation to achieve higher efficiency and maximise results. We create personalised ad experiences across display, native, audio, video and social platforms across PCs, mobile devices and TVs in China’s intense online marketing space.

In order to facilitate greater integration China Trading Desk  has its own proprietary data solution - China Data Bank™.


China Data Bank™ is an unDMP – a new class of data solutions that is focused on providing right data solutions to all advertisers and without the overhead of complex data requirements stipulated by China Government.


China Data Bank™ will focus on building partnerships with various data providers across China to source the best in class data to create bespoke solution for every single advertising campaign.


Initial partners for the venture include the likes of Alibaba Unidesk, Tencent Marketing, Getui, China Unicom, UnionPay, JD, etc. It’s purpose is to deeply integrate with multiple data sources for accurate reach.

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