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WeChat Mini Program live broadcast

WeChat just launched the live streaming function within mini program and a lot of major brands are rushing to enter the market. Through WeChat live streaming, users can watch the live streaming and buy products; participate in interactive activities such as likes, comments, lucky draw, coupon, etc. Users also can directly share the mini program live to WeChat friends or WeChat group chat. For brands, WeChat mini program live streaming can increase the traffic, directly bring users to the livestreaming e-commerce to promote sales transformation, conversion rate will be high; For consumers, since all visits, interactions, and transactions are all happened in WeChat, there is no need to jump to other platforms, it seamlessly provide a smoother shopping experience.

How does mini-program livestreaming look like?

1. Basic ability: watch live broadcast and show merchandise

2. On-site interaction: including likes, comments, sweepstakes, coupons, etc .

3. Purchase: The live content and ordering process are closed in the merchant's own small program

4. Off-site interaction: You can directly share the applet live broadcast to WeChat friends or group chat 5. Data capability: Live data is updated in the user interface in real time, and live broadcast data is displayed on both the anchor and the merchant backend.

On International Women’s Day, there are nearly a thousand Chinese brands on WeChat mini program for the first show of the festival live streaming. Shopping guide, Influencer, KOL, designer, model, CEO, have become the anchors of the live studio host. For brand Ochirly +, on March 8, GMV increased by 180%, and orders increased by 12 times during the live streaming.

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