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Tmall opens online Global Liquor Pub for sample size trial at 1RMB

Tmall Global officially launched the "Taste First, Buy Later" service on January 28. Consumers can pre-order a sample of wine for 1 RMB and make a decision to purchase after tasting. The purpose of this service is to make it easier for consumers to purchase imported wine. Martell Brandy, Glenlivet 12 years whiskey and so on can be tasted before purchase.

Tmall Global opened an online Liquor Pub for consumers to shop and drink during this year's Lunar New Year shopping festival. Consumers are able to sample and then purchase at the Liquor Pub to experience the drinking experience in different ambience. Different from the general shelf-lined shopping experience, the Liquor Pub provides consumers with sections such as the Imported Wine Score Index, the Wine Selection List by Scenes, and Meal Wine list.

In fact, the launch of online Liquor Pub to upgrade the purchase experience is due to the continuous growth of online imported wine consumption and the acceleration of the popularity of foreign wines among various consumer groups in China. In the past year, due to the cross-border e-commerce retail import policy favouring foreign wine categories and the global pandemic, foreign wines in duty-free shops that have been bought abroad in the past and niche foreign wine brands that have not yet entered China have accelerated their expansion in China.

According to Tmall Global data, the sales of imported wines in 2020 is projected to increase by more than 500% Y-O-Y. Young consumers are the new force of imported wine consumption, with nearly half of 18-29 year olds buying imported wines, while only 29% purchase locally. More than half of those who bought imported liquor came from 3rd & 4th tier cities and below.

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