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Douyin is beta testing Audio Livestreaming

Douyin will launch an audio broadcasting function, the feature allows a host to set up a public live voice chatroom, where up to 8 listeners can join and broadcast at the same time. This new feature is expected to enhance the social attributes of Douyin and make communication between users closer. And Douyin's strong competitors "Kuaishou (China's well-known short video platform)" launched the "Kuaishou Chat Room" as early as October 2019, it support multiple listener to simultaneously voice online. With the rise of the "audio economic", Internet radio, voice live broadcast and other forms have developed rapidly, not only "watching", but the "audio" function has gradually been applied to life and social scenes.

It's more than just a short video platform that has been popular in recent years. With the development of the Internet, the traditional radio model has been broken, and new media such as "lizhi" and "Himalaya" have been born, and the "sound economy" has become more popular. China's online audio users have grown year by year, with an average growth rate of 30 %the above. It is estimated that by 2020, China's audiobook market will reach 7.83 billion yuan.

You can read more about Himalaya app in our App of month feature here.

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