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App of the month - UC Browser

UC Browser is a browser for mobile phones and computers, developed by China Univision Technology Co., Ltd. and acquired by Alibaba Group in 2014.

UC advertising is especially based on Ali big data, which can realize a multi-scenario marketing platform.

  • Crowd screening: multi-dimensional circle of people to lock the audience

  • Intelligent delivery: meet different delivery goals

  • Advertising management: high-efficiency delivery platform and smooth operation experience of tools

  • Creative tools: a variety of creative tools empower marketing

In addition, UC ads can also be targeted for promotion based on Taobao's purchase records. For example, the consumption power on Taobao, or the products purchased on Taobao as targeted promotion, can achieve efficient delivery and more precise contact with the target population.

UC advertising can be based on Alibaba's unified consumer identification data system and can grasp multi-dimensional data of real users, fully understand consumers, and make more accurate information recommendations for the same user at different stages, different locations, and different interests.

Advertisement options:

  • Native Ads

Information flow advertisements are advertisements that are mixed with content, which are more friendly and accurate to deliver advertising information in a way that blends with the content. The general form of micro-text images and links are currently also played in the form of video streams, which are placed in accordance with user behaviour and the big data accumulated on the platform so that the advertisement is more closely matched with the target group.

  • Performance Ads

Performance ads that appear on the content page, the last page of the picture, and the video book.

1. The main display format is big picture/small picture/group picture/GIF, etc.

2. With more than 1.5 billion rich traffic exposures, multiple resource locations are accurately displayed, and multi-dimensional targeting such as geographic keywords can be achieved: region, age, gender, network environment, operating system, and custom population.

  • Open Screen Ads

The advertisements that appear when the APP is launched are generally presented in the form of pictures or videos. The display time is between 3-5 seconds and will be automatically closed after the display is completed. When the user clicks, it can jump to the landing page.

  1. Strong exposure, full-screen display, reach users in the first time

  2. Landing page can be set to provide interactive space

  3. Intelligent delivery of multi-version materials

  4. Diversified purchase methods to meet the demand for delivery

If you are interested in UC advertising, please contact us.

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