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App of the Month - Himalaya

Himalaya ( is China's largest online audio platform, designed to share a variety of audio content, including Internet radio, audiobooks, comedies, talk shows, etc.). It currently has more than 600 million users, with 135 million monthly active users and 75% of market share.

In 2020, Himalaya launched brand enhanced content marketing, used 1 million+ We-media KOL, 500+ celebrities to create content. It create audio IP programs, and used the celebrities power to create a new audio IP economy and achieve strong brand exposure and effect conversion.

The marketing methods that Himalaya cooperates with brands include brand radio, audio IP, funny dubbing and other content marketing. With content as the core, it accurately reaches the target audiences and connects the brand with consumers.

In addition, it also provides a variety of advertising formats such as open-screen advertising, radio broadcasts, sound streaming, and search advertising to meet the needs of different types of customers. Advertising traffic covers all users and enhances brand exposure.

For more details about the product you can download the full deck in English from here

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