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App of the month – FaceU

FaceU is a camera on IOS and Android platforms made by the Toutiao Face Moe team. Developed at the end of 2014, Fa ceU was officially launched on September 14, 2015.

FaceU provides young users with photo and video functions. As a photo camera that launched the sticker function earlier in the domestic industry, it also integrates several functions including stickers, filters, beauty, beauty, emoji GIF production, photo editing and "follow video" and other functions; at the same time, it also has face recognition technology, AI intelligent recognition and other technologies.

  • MAU: >90 million

  • DAU: >11.183 million

(Data source Aurora Data)

User Analysis Reference

  • Age: 84% under 30

  • User population: mainly female users, accounting for up to 80%

  • City distribution: Users are mainly distributed in first- and second-tier cities, accounting for up to 80%, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu

Spending Power:

  • The proportion of users who spend more than 1,000 yuan online in a single month on FaceU is as high as 76%, and the willingness to spend is high

  • The users are generally high-end mobile phone users, and 45% of the users use mobile phones with a price of more than 3,000 yuan

FaceU Ads

FaceU, relying on intelligent recommendation technology, opens up the whole link of user's photo-taking behaviour from the four aspects of technology, creativity, data and gameplay, provides rich marketing resources, and diversifies business methods to help brands achieve exposure.

  • Open screen ad – The ad is displayed in full screen when FaceU is activated, with strong visual and massive exposure, helping the brand to increase exposure, supporting full-screen static and video styles.

  • Sticker customisation – Customise stickers based on marketing needs, display them at the core of the sticker bar, and deeply interact with consumers. Interesting stickers and interactive technologies can stimulate users' desire to share, provide a bridge of communication between brands and young consumers, and stimulate enthusiasm for participation to form efficient conversions.

  • H5 Custom Made - Interactive advertising, customising H5 according to camera product characteristics and communication needs, supporting sticker recommendation, face recognition, lottery, and other exclusive play methods, and supporting brand sponsorship of prizes.

The high-exposure advertising position is located on the shooting interface. As one of the main entrances of users, it has huge exposure and has strong contact with users.

Development Prospects of Beauty Shooting APPs

  • Beauty photography APP has a huge monthly activity, the overall user scale continues to expand, and the traffic value is large. Compared to gourmet takeaway. The average number of monthly active users of other types of apps such as online travel and fitness is significantly higher.

  • With the diversification of entertainment methods, the usage scenarios of beauty photography APPs become more abundant, so that they are continuously integrated into the daily life of more users.

  • The functions are diverse and fully meet the individual needs of users for shooting. With the improvement of living standards and aesthetic awareness, the popularisation of the internet and the continuous improvement of technology, beauty shooting APPs have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. Through beauty shooting APPs to share your daily life able provide more fun for socialising.

  • Beauty photography APPs have diversified usage scenarios, and their user groups are relatively vertical. They penetrate users' lives and can effectively reach target groups. Marketing can reach users' lives from multiple points and multiple aspects, which greatly improves the overall effect of product marketing.

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