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2022 – 2023 China’s Pet Industry Development and Consumer Survey

The economic scale of the pet consumer market has expanded in China in recent years, with the rise of the trend of exquisite pet breeding, the sales volume of pet owners buying New Year meals for pets has increased year-on-year by 64%, pet New Year clothing sales increased by 55% YoY, obviously, the new trend of pet raising is to celebrate the New Year for pets. According to the “iiMedia Research | 2022-2023 China Pet Industry Development and Consumer Research Report” released by iiMedia Research, the data shows that the pet industry will grow by 25.2% YoY in 2022, and the market size is expected to reach 811.4 billion yuan in 2025. Below is a summary of the reported data.

Analysis of the development status of China’s pet industry

  • Social environment

The single economy and the silver hair economy are important factors driving the development of the pet industry, because single people have higher purchasing power than married people, and pets can serve as companions; with the increase of the population over 60 years old, owning a pet in old age can help improve life happiness and reduce loneliness.

  • Scope and forecast of China’s pet food industry from 2015 to 2025

The high-growth pet industry has now become a blue ocean in the market, and the development of society and the concept of pet ownership are becoming increasingly popular. As pet food has high consumption and attracts many startups, the market share will gradually increase, so it is expected that the scale of China’s pet food market will reach 267 billion yuan in 2025.

  • Development overview and forecast of pet products in China

Within the market segment, pet daily necessities accounted for 38.8%, pet cleaning and grooming products accounted for 38.2%, pet clothing and travel products accounted for 16.9%, and other products accounted for 6.1%. Chinese consumers’ demand for pet products continues to increase. In addition to satisfying the basic daily physiological needs of pets, they also attach more importance to entertainment, grooming and cleaning, promoting pet consumption growth. Data shows that the pet products market is estimated to reach 48.4 billion yuan in 2025 as the pet industry boosts the economy.

In addition, the consumption data shows that the purchase of many intelligent pet products has increased by more than 80% YoY, such as smart water dispensers, smart feeders, smart litter boxes, etc., while Xiaomi, Midea, Haier and other technology giants entering the pet product industry will bring new growth points to the smart product category.

Consumer Research

  • Consumer profile

The female group accounted for 62.3%; they are mainly between 31 and 40 years old; 56.2% of the group are corporate personnel, and there are more executives and ordinary employees; they belong to the middle-to-high income group (income of about 5k-15k).

  • Frequency of consumption and access to information

The frequency of pet food consumption by pet owners in China is concentrated at 1-2 or 3-4 times per month, and comprehensive e-commerce platforms are the main way to obtain information, followed by short-video platforms, pet store platforms and content recommendation platforms. Through the forms provided by e-commerce platforms, such as live broadcasts or commentary functions, consumers understand the details of pet products such as pet food production date, food formula, etc., more intuitively and clearly and it is easier to complete transactions.

  • Analysis of pet food purchase needs and concerns

Currently, many functional foods have appeared in the pet food market, of which the consumer purchase needs survey shows that the “digestion” function has the highest demand, followed by “calcium supplements”, “teeth cleaning”, “skincare” and “joint function”, but consumers will consider whether these functions suit their pets when choosing a pet food. Consumers pay the most attention to their pets’ preferences, followed by convenience and palatability of purchase, and other factors include formula, word of mouth, brand, etc.

Analysis of the development trend of China’s pet industry in 2022 – 2023

  • Diversification and refinement will be a new trend in pet food consumption

Pet food is no longer limited to simple satiety but also has a protective and repairing effect on the nervous system, immune system, bones and joints, etc. Functional pet food is more and more refined and diversified.

  • The synergy between online and offline channels is becoming the optimal sales model

Data show that 72.1% of consumers purchase pet products from offline pet stores, and 64.4% buy through e-commerce channels. Looking at the long-term development trend of the pet industry, an omnichannel operation is a foundation for the development of the pet industry. Brands can build a good brand image through offline channels, lay the foundation for brand impact, and then increase sales through online channels.

  • Nutritious and healthy pet food, the rise of domestic brands

Consumers are placing more emphasis on the healthy growth of their pets, and the rise in per capita disposable income has increased consumers’ willingness to pay for the health of their pets. Thus, a balanced diet and well-known brands are becoming new consumption trends in pet food. In addition, the rapid development of domestic e-commerce channels and the increase in demand for pet products, have led many domestic brands to shift from the foundry model to the development of independent domestic brands and accelerate the omnichannel layout to secure the domestic market share.

In the long term, the pet industry will continue to restructure in the future. Domestic brands need to make great efforts in quality, research and development, distribution channels and marketing to have a chance to successfully break through the fierce competition in the pet industry.

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