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Making China A Borderless Market

1  Enabling marketers to make better decisions and devise            better marketing strategy programs.


2  Promoting a clean and transparent digital advertising                  campaigns.


3  Integrating with insight, intelligence and innovation.

China New Media Marketing

Monetise, optimise and analyse digital buys in one platform

China Trading Desk company manages data-driven digital ad campaigns, with real-time data mining technology. 

Better efficiencies  and transparency

China Marketing is fundamentally different, it has channel-straddling media giants. These include, most notably, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and Bytedance (BATB).

We create engaging digital experiences
Get an integrated view of consumers lives across all channels - a holistic understanding of a particular consumer and his or her entertainment, gaming, banking, shopping, social media, news etc

Our Clients

We are a premier digital advertising company in China focused on helping global businesses reach  Chinese consumers effectively & efficiently.

China Trading Desk Client – We helped global businesses reach Chinese customer by our digital marketing solutions

How are we Different


Solutions in a dynamic tech environment require constant state-of-the thinking as well as leading-edge technology to keep pace with change at a spectacular rate.


Information that evolves into knowledge and knowledge that unfolds into insight that offers perspectives and recommendations. Going beyond reporting into answering the ‘why’.



AI and HI ( Human Intelligence) form the combined strength of the brand. Deep connections and deeper relations combining both Machine and Human integration articulated as ‘Machine Plus’ is central to the brand.



Accuracy, transparency, clarity with real-time access to data is central to client growth.

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